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why is a nip slip such a big deal like ??? you have a nipple??? on your boob???? wtf???? a boob nipple???? that’s fucked up put it away????? no. there are men walking around out there full on topless with both nipples blazing loud and proud so you can take your anti girl nipple bullshit and shove it up your tiny asshole

  • Teacher:

    Reading a book is better than sex.

  • [Class titters]

  • Teacher:

    It’s like a 10-hour orgasm!

  • [Laughter increases]

  • Girl pipes up:

    Yeah, and with a book I actually get to finish!

  • [Boys’ laughter dies off almost instantly as the girls hoot]

There are so many possibilities up above the atmosphere, an infinite number of galaxies which could have multiple planets of life, billions of fantasies that could be real if we just could look at other planets. Yet here I am wondering if I look ok in my outfit.

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